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Discover Longridge

At Longridge we honour the age old organic traditions by looking down into the earth, making sure there are no harmful chemicals or toxins in the ancient decomposed granite soils, or in the fresh mountain waters running down in cool underground aquafers from the Helderberg slopes that gently envelope us, securing us with the majestic Helderberg Mountain as our backdrop, from too much wind. The cool Maritime breezes from the Atlantic ocean drifts in as morning mist, ensuring our vineyards are enveloped in a cool blanket to protect them from the heat of the day.

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We ensure that no harmful pesticides or herbicides are used on our vines, ensuring a healthy, happy grape production to make award winning wines. We also use biodynamic practices and therefore we look up to the skies, using the phases of the moon to plant and harvest. Mother Nature is our partner, as we use ducks, Nguni cattle, predator birds, snakes, ladybirds etc to work with us to ensure no harm is done to the vineyards and each vine is nourished naturally.

No added yeasts, enzymes of filtering are used in the cellar and concrete eggs, clay amphorae, and only the best selection of French oak barrels are used in the vinification and maturation process. We strive to mature our wines for at least a year or two before releasing them, so that our esteemed customers can have the luxury of drinking wines that have spent some time in the bottle, without having to do so themselves, although most of our wines are made to mature for much longer.

In short, we strive to create a special memory of that specific year, embodying the unique conditions, as well as the special character of the grape, the climate and the soil, by capturing it inside a bottle so that the wine can tell our special African story to the world.



With a complete holistic view to winemaking, we work alongside nature , never forcing the vines in a direction but rather letting them guide us, allowing them to show their natural terroir driven character.

We make use of ancient technology and knowledge, concentrating on using natural wine making techniques to produce our award winning wines.

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With a biodynamic view on winemaking we not only look at the roots of the vines, making sure they are healthy and alive, we also look up at the sky , to the moon, and the phases of the moon.

Our holistic methods to winemaking allow us to work alongside nature and not against her. We have ducks and Nguni cattle, owl houses and natural prey living freely on the wine estate, all contributing to our organic and biodynamic methods to terroir driven winemaking. 


All the ingredients used in the Longridge Restaurant are organic and free range. We believe in food that is unpretentious, healthy and delicious.

Vegetables are sourced daily from our own gardens and all produce used in the kitchen is from local vendors.

We have created an atmosphere where everyone is welcome, can feel at home, and share a piece of our heavenly Longridge Wine Estate.


Let us create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests on our wine estate, sipping on a glass of premium quality wine and overlooking Tafelberg .

Indulge yourself in our locally sourced delicious food and feel embraced by a sea of diamonds sparkling overhead as the sun slowly dips into the Atlantic Ocean.


Come and enjoy our beautiful sunsets overlooking the breathtaking Longridge vineyards, while the sun sets slowly behind Table Mountian and the Atlantic Ocean.

Enjoy this spectacular view on our sunset lawn with a glass of Longridge MCC or a G&T with fresh herbs from our garden.


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Longridge Wine Estate

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Off the R44, Helderberg Pad
Western Cape

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021 855 2005

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Delaine Immelman
+27 66 489 4714

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